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Love Island Safety Video

I was asked to create a fun short animation emulating love island airline safety video, for the popular reality show love island in the UK, coming this summer 2018 on ITV 2.

120" TV Animation

Waco: MADMAN OR MESSIAH Documentary

A series of biblic and apocaliptic animated sequences inspired by the cartoons from the 80's for the Drama-documentary 'Waco: Madman or Messiah', that aired on primetime television in early January 2018, on A&E in the US. 

90" TV Animation

Silk Road Documentary

90 seconds animation sequence for Silk Road documentary, inspired by film noir and Saul Bass "cut-paper" style. The documentary was aired in August 2017 on BBC4 in the UK and A&E in US.

An exhibition inspired by

Stanley Kubrick Archive

Celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the Stanley Kubrick Archive at the University’s Archives and Special Collections Centre, I produced a short animation based on Kubrick's archive, and show work alongside invited artists and academics that offer new perspectives inspired by archive material from 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Online advert

Vieve Protein Water

A 30 seconds animation for a web advert to launch Vieve, a new water protein drink. The animation was inspired by the Beastie Boys beats to a funky and fun advert targeted to young audiences and people on the go! 


illuminate digital

Branding and logo animation for a new vibrant Digital Marketing Agency in London.

Graduation Short film trailer

Zoodio 54

Zoodio 54 trailer. When two inseparable friends venture out into the bright lights of London’s hedonistic gay scene for fun and excitement, little did they realise that they would not have to travel too far to find love – sometimes it’s staring you right in the face!

Freelance visual artist specialized in Motion Graphics, Animation, Video Production based in London,UK. 

© 2017 Rodrigo Rodriguez 

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