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Another Netflix production, led by the immensely talented team at Rogan Productions and directors Rob Miller and Kwabena Oppong. We developed a visual narrative around the final at Wembley. The Final – Attack on Wembley brings to life compelling first-hand testimony from fans and F.A. officials with visceral user-generated-content that places viewers at the heart of the action. It tells the dramatic story of a day that started with euphoria, pride and promise but ended in a country reeling on the verge of a national disaste

Title sequence

By blending Google Earth with graphic elements, we meticulously crafted a map to delineate the pivotal events and the crowd's progression into the stadium. Additionally, we simulated the control security rooms at Wembley, seamlessly integrating clever graphic elements into the CCTV cameras. This immersive approach transports the audience to the precise moments, evoking a range of emotions from excitement to tension, chaos, and fear.

Social media
Social media was seamlessly integrated to depict the story from the initial excitement of purchasing tickets online to the days of the event, capturing a spectrum of emotions from elation to chaos and addressing issues of racism and support. Cleverly designed screen layouts enhanced the storytelling, making the narrative compelling.

Digital clock
We created a series of digital clocks to mark pivotal moments leading up to the final match


Client: Netflix

Production company: Raw TV

Directors: Rob Miller & Kwabena Oppong

Art Direction & GFX :  Rodrigo Rodriguez

Animation assistance :  Manuel Jimenez &  Jonathan Trujillo 



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